Maybe you’re driving down the road and there is someone in front of you swerving a little, maybe even driving slower than normal.

You go around and low and behold, they’re texting.

Drivers say it’s irritating but they admit — they’re doing it.

Orange Coast College students said they’re careful and nothing bad will happen to them when they’re texting and driving.

Jennica Mclnnis, a 26-year-old nursing major, said she texts while driving and it’s as if she doesn’t think about it.

“It’s involuntary. It’s almost become a habit to look at my phone as soon as I hear it buzz,” she said.

Other students said that if they are quick enough, they don’t feel anything will happen.

According to research, the average time one spends with their eyes off the road while texting is about 4.6 seconds. When driving at 55 mph, a car can travel the length of a football field in the time.

Studies also show that texting and driving can delay a drivers’ reaction just as much as if the driver were drunk driving.

In one month alone, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach issued over 700 tickets for texting and driving. That’s about 23 people a day, and almost one person an hour. And that’s only the ones who get caught.

On top of that, according to the National Safety Council, “Every day, at least nine Americans die and 100 are injured in distracted driving crashes.”

Texting and driving isn’t only a teenage and young adult issue. Adults are also likely to text while behind the wheel.

A Costa Mesa native and mother of three said she tries not to text and drive but often finds herself distracted in other ways.

“I tell my boys to never text and drive. But I’m often guilty of looking at the map or picking a song I want to hear on my phone.”

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