Robert McDougal

Robert McDougal

Robert McDougal, a former student at Orange Coast College who made repeated trips to the school even after having a restraining order filed against him, pleaded guilty to eight misdemeanors and one felony charge last month, according to an Orange County Register article.

McDougal, 22, faces up to a year in jail following a plea bargain, according to his attorney. The single felony count is expected to be reduced to a misdemeanor at sentencing, according to the Register.

An earlier Coast Report article reported that McDougal pleaded not guilty to the charges and denied a disturbing the peace enhancement that claimed he committed a secondary offense while released from custody.

The former student was arrested for felony vandalism and a hate crime March 13, 2017. He was accused of carving a swastika and the N-word onto the hood of a Campus Safety vehicle and slashing its tires in addition to violating a district restraining order.

McDougal was released from the Orange County jail March 14, 2017 after posting a $20,000 bail.

Prior to reportedly defacing the security vehicle, McDougal was suspended and had a restraining order filed against him from the Coast Community College District after he was arrested in February 2017 for allegedly disturbing a classroom in the Chemistry building at OCC. He was tackled by Campus Safety and subsequently pepper sprayed as a result of his actions.

McDougal reportedly became angry after receiving a B on chemistry test and created a scene in multiple classes while trying to resolve issues with his professor.

He returned to campus multiple times throughout the spring 2017 semester after his initial arrest, violating the district’s restraining order that was in effect for Golden West College, Coastline College and OCC.

McDougal was arrested in San Diego County in September 2017 on a $500,000 warrant after not appearing for his arraignment in Orange County. The ongoing case at that time included numerous charges related to his repeated attempts to come onto OCC’s campus.

However, McDougal posted $35,000 bail in October 2017 and was released from jail.

McDougal filed a civil lawsuit against the college and the Coast Community District March 5 for negligence, emotional distress, assault, battery and false imprisonment. He named 12 employees in the suit including administrators, faculty and staff.

The lawsuit claimed that OCC did not suitably accommodate for McDougal’s needs as well as assault and battery because Campus Safety officers tackled and peppered sprayed him. He also alleged false imprisonment because they held him for a period of time.

McDougal’s attorney, John F. Christl, alleged in a letter to the district that OCC did not accommodate for his client’s physical and mental disability.

The lawsuit was later dismissed.

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