electric car charging station

Commuting is a large part of the majority of community college students’ lives, and Orange Coast College is approaching this matter through environmentally friendly measures.

Students and faculty will soon have the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles with new charging stations that are expected to be installed in various parking lots around campus.

“We’re really excited about bringing on additional sustainable practices,” Rich Pagel, vice president of Administrative Services said. “More and more electric cars are being sold as we become greener in choices affecting our carbon footprint.”

A total of eight dual charging stations are to be installed in various parking lots around campus. The locations are set to be in the Merrimac Way, Monitor Way, Art Center and Staff parking lots.

 Each dual station can charge two cars, which means there will be 16 charging opportunities on campus. Pagel said he expects the charging stations to be installed on campus within the next month.

OCC and the other Coast Community colleges are franchisees of the ChargePoint network, an electric vehicle charging network that has many other locations in Southern California.

Each station costs about $8,000 and comes with an installation fee and annual charge with ChargePoint. Funds were provided by the district office and capital funds.

Students and faculty must first sign up to be a ChargePoint member and are issued a ChargePoint card. Charging can be initiated by placing the card in proximity of the reader on the stations. This can also be achieved through the ChargePoint mobile app, which is also used to find charging stations and notify the vehicle owner when charging is complete via text message.

The fee to use the stations is yet to be determined, but is expected to be approximately $1.50 to $2 for each charging session.

The stations are intended to be shared between all faculty and students, so users are encouraged to move their vehicles after charging is finished or a fee will be incurred.

The OCC Recycling Center is responsible for helping with management and supervision of the charging stations. It will also manage the profits, which will cover the annual fee to ChargePoint as well as directly benefit students.

“As a college, it is our social responsibility to foster and encourage environmental best practices,” Mike Carey, sustainability coordinator said. “This is just another step for us to be able to educate on and support environmental causes.”

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