Police search for former OCC student

Robert McDougal, the 23-year-old former Orange Coast College student who was arrested after continually violating a permanent restraining order not to come on campus and pleading guilty to vandalism, is now wanted by the Costa Mesa Police Department on suspicion of violating a criminal protective order.

CMPD tweeted a wanted bulletin Thursday saying McDougal was aware of a new warrant against him but had not been seen at his home in a week.

The bulletin also stated that McDougal had been “uncooperative with law enforcement in the past and has attempted to flee from officers on numerous occasions.”

Police Det. David Sevilla and Jim Rudy, chief of Campus Safety, said anyone who sees McDougal should contact the CMPD non-emergency line at 714-754-5252.

According to Rudy, students haven’t expressed fear of coming to classes since the warrant was issued. He also said that Campus Safety met with select faculty members to update them on the situation and inform them of increased security measures around campus.

Campus Safety placed a security vehicle at the Chemistry building and is working with CMPD to bring more police presence to campus, Rudy said, adding that Campus Safety also showed staff and administrators McDougal’s photograph in case he returns to OCC.

McDougal had apparently been on house arrest after pleading guilty last year to a variety of crimes associated with his behavior at OCC.

McDougal was arrested for felony vandalism and a hate crime on March 13, 2017. He later pleaded guilty to violating a district restraining order and vandalizing OCC’s campus by carving a swastika and the N-word onto the hood of a Campus Safety vehicle and slashing its tires.

McDougal posted bail for $20,000 and was released from jail a day after his arrest.

Before the arrest in 2017, McDougal had been suspended and was subject to a temporary restraining order filed by the Coast Community College District. The restraining order came after he allegedly disturbed a classroom in the Chemistry building.

He was then arrested for violating the restraining order in February 2017.

McDougal had reportedly made a scene and became angry on multiple occasions after receiving a B on a chemistry quiz and repeatedly tried to resolve the issue with his professor.

A $500,000 warrant was set on McDougal last September after he failed to appear for an arraignment in Orange County. He was arrested in San Diego on several charges related to repeated violations of his restraining order.

He was released from jail in October 2017 when he posted bail of $35,000.

McDougal filed a civil suit that was later dismissed that claimed OCC did not properly accommodate his physical and mental disabilities. He named 12 employees in the suit including faculty and administrators.

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