The Orange Coast College Substance Abuse Awareness Fair was held in front of the Library Thursday. The event consisted of booths with information about e-cigarettes and vaping, marijuana and Recording Artists Against Drug Driving (RADD).

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness and educate students about substance abuse, said Olivia Wang, a 20-year-old nursing major at OCC.

Students who volunteered for the event, such as Rose Nguyen, an 18-year-old kinesiology major, said they were there not only because they are interested in this event but are also experiencing problems like smoking e-cigarettes or vaping.

“My family members smoke, but for me personally I do not tell them what to do. I tell them all the health concerns that relate to vaping or smoking e-cigarettes,” Nguyen said.

The event also helped educate college students how to protect themselves at parties.

“When you go to a party, you want to have a plan, a designated driver or where you going to meet at a certain time,” Michael Naccara, a 27-year-old business computer science major said. “One of the events we had earlier is look out for pills at a party, because you never know what you’re going to get, you might think you’re having alcohol, and somebody offer you some ecstasy. And next thing you know it’s like a date rape,” Naccara added.

According to Naccara, the OCC Peer Health Action Team, which he is also part of, is trying to create social media platforms to reach out to students because he said that giving out flyers does not help that much.

OCC’s Student Health Center has resources for students who need help. For those who need more specialized attention, the health center can bring in doctors to aid students who are struggling with substance abuse such as quit smoking or vaping, Nguyen said.

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