Orange County reporting scary clown sightings

Scary clowns terrorizing the public has become a recent trend.

The scary clown trend that started in North Carolina is making history this year with the problem reported in over 39 states in the United States and spreading into other countries.

In the last several years, people have dressed up as clowns to go around and scare people. This year has been the icing on the cake with the clown scare literally becoming a trend.

It’s an “epidemic scare across the nation,” according to officer Jennifer Marlatt of the Huntington Beach Police Department.

Several different social media platforms show multiple posts about clowns. The topic is so hot that it’s come to the point where kids have dressed up as clowns and had friends film them to post online for the retweets.

There are multiple Twitter and Instagram accounts where people can send in photos or videos they took of clowns they’ve spotted and the location to warn others.

There have been crews and get-togethers of people looking for clowns but police are urging people to be cautious.

“Don’t pursue the individuals,” Marlatt said. “If anyone sees one out in the open just call the police.”  

Clown sightings are rising rapidly with three sightings alone in Huntington Beach within the span of three days.

According to Marlatt, there were two clown sightings on Oct. 4 at 7:30 p.m. and 8:20 p.m. and a third sighting on Oct. 6 at 9:55 a.m. near Sun View Elementary School.

Police were unable to find anyone in the areas who fit the reported descriptions.

The U.S. having a clown problem may sound like a funny joke but it’s a real and scary thing. Clowns have been chasing, following, harassing and taunting people, Marlatt said.

While some clowns may intend to only get a jump out of people, some cases have been associated with real violence and arrests.

Granada Hills High School sent out emails to parents warning that they will not be allowing kids coming to school in any clown costumes on Halloween. Clowns are everywhere and no one can tell what their intentions are so it may just be safe to steer clear of the whole thing.

Police have suggested that people be careful this Halloween while trick-or-treating or handing out candy.

“I don’t go out at night anymore because I don’t want to get hurt by a clown,” said Orange Coast College student Jason Yao, 18.

Professional clowns have also been seen on the news speaking out about how they are upset about the situation because it’s ruining their lives.

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