Slot machines

A grand theft was reported on Aug. 23 after four vending machines were broken into at various locations on campus, John Farmer, chief of Campus Safety said.

According to Farmer, an officer was dispatched to the vending machine along the east side of the Technology building. The locks and hinges had been cut and the cash taken out of the machine. The officer found three additional vending machines had been broken into.

The vending machines are supplied by First Class Vending, Farmer said. There are no estimates to the money lost at this time.

Campus Safety reviewed the security camera footage but none of the machines were under cameras, Farmer said.

Musical chairs

Two chairs were reported stolen from a faculty member’s office on Aug. 26.

According to Farmer, the victim, a female faculty member, reported the chairs stolen when she returned to her office after the summer break. The chairs were last seen on June 12 and the office had not been broken into. Farmer said.

One chair was personal property and the other chair was school property. The chairs were valued by the victim at $200, Farmer said.

Bleacher report

A man was tended to by Campus Safety on Aug. 26 after he fell inside LeBard Stadium, Farmer said.

The injured man, a non-student, was walking during a high school football game in between the press box and the stands when he fell. He misjudged his steps on the metal bleachers, Farmer said.

The man received two cuts when he fell. Campus Safety bandaged the cuts and the man was able to walk on his own. He declined paramedics, Farmer said.

Cash tray

An auto burglary was reported on Aug. 29 in the Adams Avenue Parking Lot, Farmer said.

According to Farmer, the victim, a male student, reported that he parked his car around 7 a.m. and went to class. The victim returned to his car around 6:50 p.m. to find the driver’s side door had been jacked open and $110 had been stolen from his ashtray.

Campus Safety reviewed footage from a security camera near where the reported burglary had taken place but the car was parked outside of the camera’s range, Farmer said.

Rotten eggs

Campus Safety officers responded to a medical aid call in the Forum Lecture Hall walkway on the evening of Aug. 30, Farmer said.

The victim, a female, was lying on the ground in the walkway as paramedics arrived on the scene, Farmer said.

According to Farmer, the victim reported that she had recently eaten an egg salad. She had not eaten on campus.

The victim was in distress and was transported to Fountain Valley Regional Hospital by Care Ambulance Service, Farmer said.

Weird revenge

Suspicious activity was reported in the Staff Parking Lot on the afternoon on Aug. 24, Farmer said.

The victim, a male faculty member, found a 6 to 7-inch slash along the tread of his right rear tire, after a suspicious interaction on campus. The slash was deep enough to slightly deflate the tire, Farmer said.

The victim reported that a woman approached him for help jump starting her car. He directed the woman to Campus Safety and said that she got unusually agitated and began yelling. The woman initially walked away and then returned to look closely at the victim’s car, Farmer said.

Farmer said there was not enough proof to prove foul play.

School jitters

A female student fainted as she was leaving a classroom in the Literature and Languages building on the morning on Aug. 30, Farmer said.

According to Farmer, the victim fell backwards as she exited the classroom. The faculty member teaching the class caught the victim as she fell, Farmer said.

The victim became conscious as she was caught. She was in distress and complained of chest pain, Farmer said.

Farmer said the paramedics were called and arrived on the scene but the victim declined care and left with her parents.

— The Crime Blotter was compiled by Sara Teal from Campus Safety reports.

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