Copper bandit

A staff member reported last month that a lock on a storage area behind the Technology building was cut and approximately 500 pounds of copper went missing, according to Chief of Campus Safety John Farmer. The price of copper is about $3 per pound, Farmer said. Since the Recycling Center does not accept copper, Farmer said he assumed it was sold somewhere else.

Candid camera

A 34-year-old male student called Campus Safety on April 2 and reported that someone in the stall next to him in the Science Hall bathroom tried to take a photo of him on his cell phone. The student yelled at the culprit, who then ran away. The only thing he noticed about him were his dark-colored Adidas shoes. Farmer said it will be difficult to catch the perpetrator.

Hit the deck

A request for medical assistance was called on April 5 near the Adams Avenue Parking Lot. A 19-year-old man stated that when he was riding a small red skateboard, one of his sandals got stuck on the wheels, which caused him to fall face forward and hit the pavement.

He suffered a small cut on his right eye and right hand but refused paramedics. No further action was taken by the Campus Safety officer, Farmer said.

False alarm

A female student reported on April 6 she saw a gun in the bushes near the Adams Avenue Parking Lot. She called Campus Safety officers who arrived promptly and found that what looked like a gun was actually a soft pellet gun made in China. The Costa Mesa Police Department took possession of it as lost property, Farmer said.

Juvenile lockup

A Campus Safety officer was called on April 8 to assist a mother in getting her child out of her locked car in the Adams Avenue Parking Lot where the swap meet is held, Farmer said. The mother dropped the keys to her gray Toyota Tacoma and while looking for them, she closed the door, then heard a beeping sound when her child found the keys and locked the truck. The officer proceeded to open the locked car. The child was given water and was unharmed, Farmer said.

— The Crime Blotter was compiled by Feli Pliego from Campus Safety reports.

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