Nice try

Three placards were confiscated from Orange Coast College students parked in handicapped parking spots last week, John Farmer, chief of Campus Safety said.

The first citation involved a male student who punched a hole for the year of 2018 in his temporary handicapped permit that had expired on Feb. 7, Farmer said.

In the second instance, a female OCC student received a fine for parking in a handicapped spot on Feb. 9, Farmer said.

She attempted to bring her father’s handicapped pass to appeal a ticket but didnt succeed, Farmer said

Finally, a female student was caught using her mother’s handicapped pass on Feb. 10. A Campus Safety officer noticed she didn’t seem to be handicapped and confronted her and seized the permit, Farmer said.

All three students found themselves with a $290 fine.



Missed shot

A petty theft was reported by a male student who said his backpack was stolen from the gymnasium at 11 a.m. on Feb. 8, Farmer said.  

While playing basketball in class, the student placed his backpack along the wall with others and when he was finished it was missing, Farmer said.

According to Farmer, stolen items included notebooks, a phone charger and some articles of clothing.



Head on

Two non-students were involved in a pedestrian vs. car accident in the Recycling Center Parking Lot on Adams Avenue on Feb. 9, Farmer said.

Officers and paramedics responded to the accident involving a 72-year-old woman who was hit by a man driving a truck, Farmer said. The woman fell to the ground and complained of pain in her left shoulder and arm.

According to Farmer, paramedics transported the lady to Hoag Hospital with minor injuries.



Man in black

A female student reported her bike stolen in front of the Social and Behavioral Sciences building at 5:15 p.m on Feb. 10, Farmer said.

According to Farmer, video evidence showed a man dressed in all black walking back and forth by the bike a few times before he decided to cut the lock with cable cutters.

The suspect was unidentifiable and the bike was valued at around $100, Farmer said.



Sunday funday

Campus Safety was called to the Adams Avenue Parking Lot at 3 p.m. on Feb. 12 regarding two vendors who had gotten into an argument during the OCC Swap Meet, Farmer said.

One vendor had left his van parked blocking one of the aisles in the lot and the other vendor was trying to drive through.  Once the van owner was asked to move he started getting in the other man’s face, Farmer said.  

Before the argument got physical, the Costa Mesa Police Department arrived and resolved the issue, Farmer said. Apparently the van driver’s car had been having trouble getting started but the driver never mentioned it.


— The Crime Blotter was compiled by Cheyenne McCarty from Campus Safety reports.

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