Shower sneaker

A Women’s Locker Room staff member reported to Campus Safety that a homeless woman had sneaked into the locker room showers on Nov. 17 at 7:40 a.m., Chief of Campus Safety John Farmer said.

The staff member said she recognized the woman was not a student and called Campus Safety, Farmer said. Campus Safety determined she had used the locker room multiple times and was previously asked to leave and not return.

According to Farmer when safety officers asked her to leave she refused and the Costa Mesa Police Department was called. CMPD identified her as a local homeless woman with mental impairments.

The police officers warned if she did not leave she would be arrested for trespassing. The woman left and has not returned, Farmer said.


A male student reportedly left his iPhone 6 in the Student Center after a study session at 6 p.m. on Nov. 16. When he returned to recover his belongings the phone was gone, Farmer said.

According to Farmer the student called Campus Safety to report the theft. The student used a phone tracking app to locate his phone and determined the phone was no longer on campus. There was no surveillance footage revealing the incident, Farmer said.

The student told Campus Safety the phone was worth $600.

Squat squashed

Campus Safety responded to a call from a Fitness Complex attendant who reported a male student had thrown out his back while squatting 350 pounds on Nov. 15 at 5:50 p.m.

According to Farmer the student told Campus Safety he was finishing up his last rep when the injury occurred. When Campus Safety arrived the student was lying on his back on the floor.

The student initially refused paramedic attention but changed his mind shortly after, Farmer said.

He was transported to Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach by ambulance.

Catch and release

Campus Safety called Costa Mesa police after a non-student was apparently trespassing and refused to leave campus at 11:15 p.m. on Nov. 13. The man was found with black tar heroin and a syringe.

Campus Safety noticed the man dumping trash can contents on the ground by the Reprographics building. When the Campus Safety vehicle approached the man he kicked the car, Farmer said. The safety officer called the police and followed the man on campus while remaining in the car.

According to Farmer police intercepted the man near the Math, Business and Computing Center and placed him in handcuffs.

A search of the man revealed the narcotics. He was cited for possession of heroin and released despite his request to be taken to jail, Farmer said.

Crunch time

A male student parked in the Adams Avenue Parking Lot on Nov. 13 at 3:30 p.m. and reported damage of his car to Campus Safety. According to Farmer, the student told Campus Safety the damage on the adjacent car appeared to match the damage on his car.

When Campus Safety responded the officer found the car in the next stall had damage consistent in shape and size to the male student’s car, Farmer said.

The officer recorded the permit number on the suspected instigating car and located a phone number of a female student. The female student answered the phone and agreed to meet at the scene of the accident, Farmer said.

Upon her 4 p.m. arrival the student said she was in a hurry to get to class and heard a crunching noise while pulling into the stall but didn’t realize she had struck another car.

According to Farmer the woman apologized and exchanged insurance information with the male student.

Ruffles ruffian

A male non-student reportedly vandalized several vending machines over the Thanksgiving break, using a power grinder to open the cash boxes over the course of two days, according to Farmer.

At about 4:30 p.m. Friday, a Campus Safety officer reported that a vending machine by the Science Hall had been vandalized during his patrol and noticed metal shavings from the machine on the ground consistent with power tool remnants, Farmer said.

The next day around 9 p.m. a Campus Safety officer noticed a man standing by the vending machines near the Technology building, Farmer said. The officer then asked the male to stop at which point he fled in the direction of the Adams Avenue Parking Lot.

According to Farmer, Campus Safety saw him leave with a power tool and a white sack full of coins and get into a four-door, black SUV with a Colorado license plate.  Campus Safety called the Costa Mesa Police Department.

CMPD identified the power tool as a power grinder, Farmer said. Campus Safety ran the plates of the suspect and determined that he was not a student.  According to Farmer there is surveillance footage of the suspect vandalizing the machines.

Blu-ray bandit

A Blu-ray player was reportedly stolen from a Lewis Center for Applied Science classroom Nov. 20. According to Farmer, the suspect took the device from a computer cart and attempted to dismount the overhead projector.

A staff member reported the incident to Campus Safety at 6:20 p.m. and indicated that a document camera was also damaged, Farmer said.  

The loss amount of the items has not yet been determined.




— The Crime Blotter was compiled by Janelle Scarritt from Campus Safety reports.

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