Missing video camera

A staff member at the Drama Lab reported a missing video camera on April 14, according to Chief of Campus Safety John Farmer.

The individual was looking for a tripod when he noticed that the box where the video camera was kept was missing. The video camera is a Canon VIXIA G-030 worth $1,200 and still missing, Farmer said.

Poor Ronald Reagan

A victim reported on April 23 that a Ronald Reagan sticker was removed from a car in the Theatre Parking Lot with an explicit note left behind, Farmer said.

The Ronald Reagan sticker included the quote, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

The sticker was found next to the vehicle with a hand written note stating, “F off.”

“I guess someone took offense to that sticker and took it off,” Farmer said.

Hey you, take that

A fight between two male non-students broke out on Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Swap Meet, according to Farmer.

A witness stated that one man was angry and another man was punched in the face.

The individual who was punched said he wanted to press charges, according to Farmer.

No reason was given as to why the fight broke out.

The individual who reportedly committed the assault was told to leave campus and told he would be arrested if he returned, Farmer said.

Clothes vs. phone

A vendor reported a theft at the Swap Meet on Sunday, according to Farmer.

The victim said she saw two women with her merchandise in a purse that they did not purchase, Farmer said.

The victim reportedly grabbed the purse from the suspects and struggled to retrieve the items. The two women ran off with a pair of pants and a dress valued at $40.

One of the female suspects dropped her phone during the altercation. The suspects later returned to the scene and asked the swap meet staff if the phone had been found.

Farmer heard the lost phone broadcast on the radio and notified swap meet staff to bring the owner of the phone to meet him, but she didn't want to be identified.

“I wonder why,” Farmer said.

She unlocked her phone however to verify that she was the owner.

— The Crime Blotter was compiled by Wiley Jawhary from Campus Safety reports.

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