Camera thief

Security cameras were reported stolen from Technology room 160 May 2 at 2 p.m., chief of Campus Safety John Farmer said.

The Lorex wireless security cameras were purchased by the Technology department and were sitting in a staff member’s office. When they went to get the cameras to install them, they noticed the cameras were gone, Farmer said.

The cameras were going to be used for surveillance in the Technology building, Farmer said.

The cameras were valued at $600, according to Farmer.

Bike robbery

A female student reported her bike stolen outside the Fine Arts building May 3, Farmer said.

The bike was locked at the bike racks at noon and was missing when the student came back at 8:50 p.m., Farmer said. The bike was a light blue Diamondback mountain bike valued at $300, Farmer said.

The nearby security cameras did not capture the incident and the bike is still missing, Farmer said.

Skate or die

A male student caused a disruption on the first floor of the Art Center Wednesday at 11 a.m. by riding his skateboard through the building, Farmer said.

A staff member told the suspect to stop riding but he ignored his request and rode into the men’s restroom.

Campus Safety officers were called and made contact with the suspect, who said that he was riding inside the building because he really needed to use the restroom, Farmer said. The report was sent to the Dean of Students for further disciplinary actions, Farmer said.

Nice try, bud

A non-student male reported his cellphone stolen May 1 at 1:30 p.m. in the Adams Avenue Parking Lot, Farmer said.

The victim was reportedly buying lunch at the Orange Coast College Swap Meet and left his phone on a table. He returned back to the table but his phone was gone, Farmer said.

A witness told the victim that he saw a swapmeet vendor take the phone and showed him who it was. The victim had Campus Safety officers talk to the suspect who then admitted to having the victim’s cellphone in his backpack. The phone was then given back to the victim, Farmer said.

The victim decided not to press charges but the swap meet supervisor told him he can no longer work there, Farmer said.

Needles for sale

A non-student male was reported walking around with needles in his hand and appeared to be under the influence at the swap meet Saturday at 2:20 p.m., Farmer said.

According to Farmer, a Campus Safety officer made contact with the suspect, who told him that the needles were for his diabetes. The suspect then told Campus Safety that he did use heroin the previous morning and that he was a heavy user and that he was on probation, Farmer said.

The Costa Mesa Police Department responded to the scene, where the suspect told the police he was planning on selling the needles for money, Farmer said.

The police told him to leave the swap meet or be charged for trespassing, Farmer said.

— The Crime Blotter was compiled by Cole Daws from Campus Safety reports.

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