No trespassing

A man was reportedly trespassing and climbing onto the Forum Friday at 4 p.m., John Farmer, chief of Campus Safety said.

The suspect was a male non-student who was climbing on top of the Forum building and by the time officers arrived he was running on top of the new Reprographics building, Farmer said.

Once officers reached the suspect he was behind the Reprographics building walking on the sidewalk. When officers identified the man they asked him to stop but he instead took off running.

Officers pursued him on foot until he was brought to the ground when he became combative and resisted arrest. Farmer said officers put him in handcuffs and called the Costa Mesa Police Department.

The man said he was not a student and was visiting from Russia, but didn’t remember any of his other information.  

No damage was done to the top of the buildings he climbed on.

Ouch my toe

A male non-student reportedly stepped out of a moving vehicle and was struck Saturday at 8:17 a.m. in the Adams Avenue Parking Lot, Farmer said.  

The man had minor injuries to his left calf as well as his left foot. Officers said upon arrival the man was sitting on a chair with a bloody left big toe.

The victim refused an ambulance but once he started feeling nauseous campus officials called for an ambulance and the Costa Mesa police.

Police arrived and deemed there to be no criminal action and that it was an accident.

Oh crack

A woman reportedly slipped off a sidewalk when she stepped in a crack Sunday at 1 p.m. in the Adams Avenue Parking Lot.

She reported that her ankle hurt but refused medical aid and told officials she was probably OK.

The women wrapped her foot and continued to shop at the Swap Meet with her daughter and mother.


Odd fall

A man reportedly fell and was unresponsive in the Adams Avenue Parking Lot Saturday during the Swap Meet, Farmer said.

Upon arrival officers saw a man in a sitting position being held up by a bystander and 911 had already been called.

The victim was breathing but unresponsive so officers laid him on his back. He began to vomit and the officer rolled him onto his side.

He regained consciousness and a witnesses said that he was helped to the ground and no traumatic fall had occurred.

Paramedics arrived and took him to Fountain Valley Hospital.

— The Crime Blotter was compiled by Justis Zimmerman from Campus Safety reports.


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