A report was filed Feb. 8 by a male student alleging that two male subjects approached him in the Adams Avenue Parking Lot and asked him if he wanted to die, Farmer said.

One of the male suspects was recording, while the other suspect put gloves on and began asking the male student questions. According to Farmer, the suspects reportedly asked for the student’s name and asked him if he wanted to die. The suspect with gloves on then proceeded to pull out a spray can.

The suspect allegedly told the student it was just a prank and asked if he could post the video to his YouTube channel. The student reported that when he said no the suspects walked off, Farmer said.

The student called Campus Safety and an officer responded to the scene but was unable to find the suspects.

According to the incident report, the student said he went home and searched YouTube, “Orange Coast College pranks,” and discovered a YouTube video titled “girlfriends crisis.”

Farmer said Campus Safety was unable to determine if the YouTube video was affiliated with this case.

The same day at 2:30 p.m., a female student in the Merrimac Way Parking Lot contacted Campus Safety with a report of the same suspicious activity, Farmer said.

It was reportedly the same two suspects and the case was related to the earlier incident.    According to Farmer, the two suspects can be held to disciplinary action if they are in fact students at Orange Coast College. If they are not students, they can potentially be arrested.

Bike heist

A bike was reportedly stolen on Feb. 5 between 12:30 p.m. and 2:54 p.m. at the rack outside of the east lobby door of the Technology building.

The victim, a male student, had a cable lock on his $500 Nishiki hybrid bicycle. According to Chief of Campus Safety John Farmer, the victim secured his bike just before leaving the area.

When he returned during a class break, he noticed the lock was cut and the bicycle was gone, Farmer said.

Campus Safety officers checked the cameras in the area but were unable to find video of the incident.

Bike heist redux

A bike was reportedly stolen Feb. 12 between 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., Farmer said.

A male student’s $300 bike was locked just outside the Lewis Center for Applied Sciences and when the student returned, the only thing left was the cut bike lock on the ground.

According to Farmer, Campus Safety is unsure if the two bike thefts are related.

Farmer recommends using U locks, available at the Associated Students Bookstore, because no bikes have been stolen with those locks secured on them.


— The Crime Blotter was compiled by Wiley Jawhary from Campus Safety reports.

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