Showing off your ‘fursona’ on campus

Orange Coast College Furry Club members (from left) Devin Hovis, 20,  Christian Axten, 22, and Alex Nobles, 19, pull what they claim to be the best tail in the Furry Club.

Maybe you’ve seen them in the cafeteria.

Maybe you’ve wondered a bit about the furry tail.

Maybe you’ve even been just a little curious about what that silver fox tail actually means.

Well, here’s the answer.

The students with tails attached are part of the Orange Coast College Furry Club and with about a dozen club members, the club’s main focus is about honoring anthropomorphic animals with human features.

“Each person chooses their own species, expressing their own character called a fursona, which is the presentation of oneself or the qualities admired in other artists,” club member Alex Nobles, 19, a music major said.

People are furries in different ways — some see it simply as art while others walk around in fur suits. Or, some wear a tail while others just participate in club meetings, Nobles said.

It started with a guy sitting in a booth and has grown to an actual club.

Nobles’ persona is Ace because he wears an ace of hearts in his hat as a good luck charm that he carries with him, he said. He wears a silver fox tail representing his fursona.

The Furry Club meets from 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. on Mondays in Social Science room 104 and members said they talk about news, anything interesting, any new characters in movies and upcoming conventions.

The club is a self-supporting and most members are males.

Nobles said most of the time he doesn’t get negative feedback for being a furry and for the most part people are just curious about why he wears it.

“As long as you are not obnoxious and weird, people don’t seem to mind,” Nobles said.

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