Orange Coast College’s Campus Safety department released its annual security report last week, showing that there were a total of 16 on-campus incidents for 2018 — four more incidents than in the year before.

The 57-page report includes incidents ranging from theft to vandalism, with the majority of the crimes consisting of motor vehicle thefts and drug abuse violations. Those incidents totaled half of the incidents.

According to the report, there was one incident of fondling and one of domestic violence in 2018. The campus yet again has no reported murders, manslaughters or rapes.

However, the report shows there was a slight increase in total incidents reported, rising from 12 incidents in 2017.

“In light of what’s going on in the country right now, more people are coming forward and reporting things,” Director of Campus Safety Jim Rudy said.

Rudy said he thinks that even though the incidents increased over the course of the year, the increase was not in acts of violence and isn’t significant enough to cause a concern. Rudy said that especially acts of violence would heighten Campus Safety’s awareness.

There was one reported burglary case in 2018, which appears to be a norm for campus. In the past three years the most reported burglaries were in 2017 — when two occurred.

According to Rudy, with over 20,000 students, an open campus and the countless events OCC holds, the low numbers are due to a collaborative effort with Campus Safety, the Costa Mesa Police Department, as well as students and faculty keeping everyone safe.

With OCC’s campus constantly being under construction due to the multiple buildings being built, Rudy said there is a surplus of raw materials up for grabs.

“We’ve been fortunate — knock on wood — that no significant threats have occurred on campus,” Rudy said. “I’m really proud of our evening shift guys.”

Rudy and Campus Safety urge students and staff to always come forward and report any and all incidents on campus.  

“I always preach, if you see something, say something,” Rudy said.

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