Clubs make a splash on Coast day

A student signs up for the Music Honor Society during Coast Day at Orange Coast College Tuesday in the Library Quad.

Orange Coast College students set up displays for their clubs and honors societies under big blue pop-up tents Tuesday afternoon for Coast Day in the Library Quad, an annual event for campus groups to fundraise and recruit new members.

A pair of robots rolled around on treads like tiny tanks, smashing into each other and racing around on the cement in front of the STEM club. A member of the Mu Delta Rho honors society for pre-health students was offering to play catch with the putty toys for sale at their booth. The Veteran’s Club was selling snow cones out of their booth, with a wooden sign labeling it the “Salute Saloon.”

“I just want to spread the word about the club,” Aaron Arelup, an 18-year-old international business major and member of the Japanese Language Tea House club said.

Arelup offered students free matcha-flavored candies and sold packets of tea and candy for $2.

“We’re a socio-academic club focused on academic progression while also celebrating Latino culture,” Elvin Martinez, a 19-year-old public health science major said of the Ollin club. “We also do community service, especially at Victoria Elementary School.”

Martinez, who heads the club, sold ice cream and rice pudding to raise funds for club activities.

Nearby, the Contigo club, which is dedicated to assisting students on immigration issues, sold food items such as tamales, horchata and a tangy fruit drink made from the Jamaica plant.

“We’re not doing any fundraising today. We’ll probably start doing that in fall, when we have more members,” Jillian Russel, a 19-year-old journalism major and vice president of Impact Now said. “We’re a very new club. We’re also not tied down to any politics, so we think we can be a positive place for students to find themselves and do community service.”

The Impact Now booth had a “kindness bowl” filled with notes on which club members had written emotionally positive messages.

Conservative clubs also made a presence. The Young Americans for Freedom drew students in for political discourse and the College Republicans Club set up a “Throw a water balloon at a Republican for $1” to raise money.

Honors societies offered trinkets, pens and flyers with contact information and enthusiastic students looking to invite new members. These societies included Mu Delta Rho, Alpha Betta Gamma society for business majors, and Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Gamma Sigma for general academic excellence.

Other festivities included a burlap sack race, during which students raced from one end of a grassy field to another, hopping in their sacks and trying to keep a small golden coin steady on a plastic plate in one hand.

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