SGOCC Voting

Applications are being accepted for two vacant senate seats for the Student Government at Orange Coast College in addition to its president.

Due to student resignations and transfers, elections will be held for student body president and one Student Senate seat in addition to the appointment of one additional senator.

One senate seat will be filled via appointment after newly elected Sen. Tyler Brett resigned before transferring to Chapman University. According to SGOCC bylaws, when a senator vacates their seat before the end of the term they were elected to serve, the existing senate body will appoint someone in their place.

The election will be held because another student senator resigned this semester.

The applications for student body president are due Sept. 23 at 2 p.m. To apply to run in the senate election, candidates must apply by Sept. 24 at 2 p.m. The election will take place from Sept. 30 through Oct. 4.

According to student leadership coordinator Julie Nguyen, ASOCC and SGOCC need to effectively spread the word about the positions.

“The better they do in marketing, the more candidates they’ll have interested in applying,” Nguyen said.

ASOCC is publicizing the election via school bulletin boards, table tents in the Student Center, on social media and the Canvas app.

Nguyen said the student body president is needed as a face of the SGOCC and as a presence in important meetings. Very much like city or federal government, the SGOCC makes decisions and oversee a budget that can directly impact the students at OCC.

According to Vice President of College Life Sarah Catania, a 20-year-old electrical engineering major, there are many first-year students already required to download the app. Unlike optional social media, these first-year students are already engaging with this platform and it is easier to interest them.

Catania said it will be good to have a mixture of both first-year students and experienced students join SGOCC because it allows for different perspectives and balance.

“Last semester, there was someone who was running and made shirts. He printed shirts with his name,” said 20-year-old Alex Loniak, Student Senate president and a business administration major.

The candidate went on to obtain significant student support through his campaign efforts.

A few other requirements of applicants are classroom announcements, student signatures, letters of recommendation, letters of intent and interviews.

All voting for student senate will be held on campus via ASOCC booth and online through the OCC website. More information and applications can be found at the ASOCC office by the Student Center.

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