When Orange Coast College students think about food on campus the things that typically come to mind are burgers, burritos and pizza. What most students aren’t aware of is the self-serve pho station just to the right of the cafeteria in the Student Center.

Tucked away on the edge of the salad bar, students are presented with the choice of chicken breast or beef brisket and a broth to match. All the typical sides and trimmings you would expect from normal pho restaurants are on offer here.

One thing that sets this pho station apart is the self-serve aspect. With this system, students are able to pay for exactly what they want instead picking ingredients out when served or fighting with friends over the amount of sides you were given.

With the price set at a firm $5.75 per pound, it is great value for something so convenient on campus.

Someone looking to set their mouths on fire can add as many jalapenos or as much Sriracha sauce their heart desires while the less heat inclined can fill up the extra space with hoisin sauce, cilantro and mint leaves and let’s be real — extra bean sprouts.

I found OCC’s pho really good for industrialized cooking. The meat was tender and didn’t have too much gristle. The jalapenos and bean sprouts were fresh and crispy and adding Sriracha to the broth was delicious and left me thirsty as pho.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity of food at the price point, and the convenience of being on campus is unparalleled.

The typical size of the recycled bowls they provide will cost around $6 and was plenty of food to keep me going for the rest of my afternoon at school.

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