The women’s restroom in Writers Row has been out of order for weeks and is set to be recommissioned sometime this week.

Female students in search of the  restroom have been confronted by an orange piece of paper taped to the door at eye level. On this 8.5-inch by 11-inch piece of paper the words “Restroom Out of Order” is written in large font.

Despite this, the men’s restroom is open for use.  

Director of Maintenance and Operations Jose Recinos clarified the restroom is decommissioned for safety.

Maintenance and Operations staff discovered about a month ago that the door frame and hinge connection was broken and the door is not safe to open without repair.

How the door was broken is unknown but Recinos thinks it may have been caused deliberately.

“Somebody may have kicked the door and broke the door frame [connected to the door hinge]. The door is unsafe to operate,” said Recinos.

Campus Safety has no suspects at this time. The door is set to be repaired within the week and the bathroom will then be declared operational.

In addition to broken doors, Recinos also deals with graffiti on campus. Recinos has been in the Maintenance and Operations department for various community colleges for over 25 years and has been the director at Orange Coast College for the last two years.

According to Recinos, OCC doesn’t have a graffiti problem.

“Orange Coast College is a mellow campus compared to other campuses that I have worked at,” said Recinos.

Recinos added that as of late there has been reportedly no racially discriminative graffiti and only about 20 percent of graffiti on campus is gang related. The remainder is just typically people having fun.

However, on Oct. 31, a swastika was reported in the men’s bathroom by the Science Hall.

All graffiti on campus is photographed and sent to Campus Safety to look for patterns to develop a suspect list.

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