Sit at the Captain’s Table

The Captain's Table Restaurant at Orange Coast College is open on Thursdays for lunch and dinner.

A reservation for 5:30 p.m. was promptly filled as a finely set table was met with an equally eloquent meal.

Upon entering the restaurant, folks were comfortably engaged in hearty conversation and the excitement of dinnertime was in the air.

At Orange Coast College’s Captain’s Table Restaurant, the Culinary Arts Department puts on an on-campus cultural dining experience once a week, serving lunch and dinner. Seating upwards of 70 people on a busy night, the staff worked with five student servers who all made sure no one was left unattended.

That night, the restaurant’s menus were easily readable and the service was great. The theme of the night was “Greece” as I settled on the fried meatballs as an appetizer and boy was I glad I did that. The meatballs were extremely juicy, complimenting its perfectly fried, crunchy goodness. Other appetizer options included seasoned lamb and rice, baked phyllo bread stuffed with spinach and feta cheese or chicken broth with rice.

As with every Captain’s Table’s menu, you are awarded the choice of an appetizer or salad, an entrée and dessert for a mere $14 tax-free.

Every table in the place was well taken care as the servers displayed great patience and poise for having such a busy night.

Just as good as the appetizer, the entrée knocked it out of the park as I was served an in-bone filet-of-fish over a bed of steamed rice pilaf.

The portions were well above my expectations as I walked out of the meal feeling happy and stuffed.

Ali Flecky, a part time instructor at OCC, walked me through the expansive kitchen area where the Culinary Arts department was busy cooking, chopping and cleaning away.

“I went to school here and having this program allows me to inspire future culinary arts students like I once was 10 years ago,” Flecky said. “We’re very excited to be getting new equipment that will be up to date and make your dining experience even more realistic.”

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