Clubs to give away free U-locks

The Orange Coast College's OC Food Riders Club delivers food donated by the school to local food pantries on a regular basis. 

Most bicyclists on campus know Orange Coast College is no stranger to bicycle theft. In fact, the college has seen a spike in the number of bicycles stolen over the last three years.

So OCC’s Bike Ways Club and OC Food Riders Club decided to team up in an effort to thwart bike theft on campus and are giving away U-locks.

“There will be 42 less cable locks on campus, which makes us a little bit less attractive to thieves,” said Roy Duvall, a club officer of both clubs.

A majority of OCC bicyclists tend to use cable locks which don’t deter thieves who can easily cut through the cables.

Both clubs have been working since the summer to raise money to replace unreliable cable locks found on campus with a brand new U-lock. In all, the clubs raised $1000 and were able to purchase 42 U-locks.  

Starting on Wednesday, Duvall, OCC BikeWays president Andrew Lindauer and OC Food Riders Club advisor Carl Morgan made their way around campus with 42 coupons which guaranteed a free, reliable bike lock.  If there was a bike with a breakable cable lock, a coupon was attached with instructions on how to claim their new one.

“It’s not just that someone lost a cheap bike but the fact that it is some students only form of transportation,” Morgan said.

In partnership with Bike Ways Club and OC Food Riders Club is a non-profit organization called The Bicycle Tree, located in Santa Ana. The Bicycle Tree offers all necessary tools for any type of bike repair, free of charge.  

The co-sponsor offered wholesale pricing on U-locks, which allowed OCC’s clubs to purchase an extra handful.  

“There are students who are already very aware that they need a bike lock but they cannot afford one,” Duvall said. 

Organizers are hoping that word will get around to students that are not selected and it will encourage them to replace their cable locks with dependable U-locks 

So far, 13 coupons have been distributed around campus and the remaining 29 will be handed out on today and tomorrow.  Starting Wednesday, the OC Food Riders Club will have a tent set up in the quad for those chosen bike owners.  

An exchange of a working bike lock must take place in order to receive the new one. The locks exchanged that are still of good use will be re-purposed to one of the local food pantries that the OC Food Riders Club delivers donated food to on a regular basis.

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Roy Duvall

Update - OCC BikeWays and OCC Food Riders have distributed 32 new U-Locks on campus. We will distribute four more on Thursday, 12/15, and the last six will be distributed during the first week of the spring semester.

The low-security cable locks are getting very hard to find on campus now, and we are seeing many of the new U-locks on campus every day!

EOPS students - we gifted four U-Lock kits to EOPS. If you are an EOPS student and are using a cable lock, check in with the EOPS office!

OCC BikeWays / OCC Food Riders

Roy Duvall

Thanks for the well-written article. A few minor corrections:

1. I am a registered student, a club officer of both OCC BikeWays and OCC Food Riders, and an accredited League Cycling Instructor. I am not a club co-advisor of any OCC club, nor am I a faculty member.
2. Andrew Lindauer, OCC BikeWays president, and I placed eight "exchange coupons" on bikes before we had to change our distribution plan. Carl Morgan is the founder and permanent advisor for the OCC Food Riders.

For an update on the progress of the U-Lock exchange project, visit us at

Roy Duvall
OCC BikeWays education officer
OCC Food Riders safety officer, treasurer

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