An exhibition that explores the connection between astronomy and contemporary art is coming to the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion at Orange Coast College on Thursday.

“Stargazers: Intersections of Contemporary Art & Astronomy” explores the relationship between humans and the astronomical world through contemporary art. Curated by Tyler Stallings, director of the arts pavilion, the exhibition showcases artists who look at the observable universe and interpret it through contemporary art.

Concurrent with the new Planetarium opening this spring, Stallings said there can be a relationship between art and science and that there are two different ways of observing the universe.

“With science, it’s collecting data and looking at the patterns of certain things and proving theories,” he said. “With art it’s about showing the cultural connection with the stars and in this case, it’s from a contemporary view.”

With several large-scale installations, the space displays the work of eight individual artists and two teams. With historical evidence and ritual, the artwork pays homage to advances in technology and discoveries while investigating the intersections of art and science.

The exhibit includes artwork from Lita Albuquerque, Russel Crotty and Laura Gruenther, Lia Halloran, George Legrady, Carol Saindon, Victor Raphael and Clayton Spada, Penelope Umbrico, and United Catalysts.

Among the artists, two of OCC’s own instructors, Steve Radosevich and Kim Garrison-Means, are the duo behind the piece “United Catalysts.” For a decade, the two have worked on a project called “Skywheel,” a space satellite that houses prayers from people all over the world and will launch 1,000 kilometers above the Earth’s surface in a polar orbit.

“Stargazers” provides visitors the ability to write their own prayer for “Skywheel” during their visit to the exhibition.

“Prayer is so universal. By prayer we mean that in the most secular way,” Garrison-Means said. “Anyone can do it, and once it’s up there there’s no adding to it, that’s it.”

The exhibit opens Thursday in the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion. Students can see the artwork Mondays through Thursdays from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.  On the first Thursday of the month the gallery is open until 7 p.m. and is open on first Saturdays of the month from noon until 4 p.m. An artist reception will be held Thursday from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

The exhibit is free.

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