Marvel Studios produces yet another box office hit “Captain Marvel,” the second to last film in the Infinity War series that concludes with “Avengers: Endgame.”

Slated to open on April 26, the film will give answers for fans wondering who will return and how will the Avengers finally resolve the conflict and defeat Thanos?

As a franchise, Marvel Studios has generated large amounts of anticipation and box office sales.

According to Box Office Mojo, a website that tracks box office grossing progress worldwide, Marvel projects tend to stand out.

“Avengers: Infinity War,” (2018) is fourth all time in box office sales sitting at 2.048 billion dollars. That isn’t the only film by Marvel that has broken into the top ten.

“Marvel’s The Avengers,” (2012) stands in sixth place, accruing 1.518 billion in box office sales. Two additional films produced by Marvel are among the top ten including “Black Panther,” (2018) at number nine generating 1.346 billion in just one year.

Since the film “Captain Marvel,” (2019) was released March 8, it has already generated massive buzz. On opening day, the film accrued just over 456.5 million in box office sale, which had the sixth biggest worldwide opening on record.

The film scored relatively high by the critics, but didn’t sit well with its audience. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) ranks the film 7.2/10, while Rotten Tomatoes scores the film 78 percent out of 100.

Despite somewhat favorable reviews by the critics, the audience was less pleased with the film. According to Flixter, only 60 percent of the audience liked the film.

The film was still heavily anticipated by Marvel fans for two reasons.

Firstly, “Avengers: Infinity War,” (2019) left the audience feeling defeated as the heroes of Marvel lost against the powerful antagonist Thanos. According to Stan Lee’s Comic Universe, Captain Marvel is the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe which could potentially be the answer the Avengers are looking for in the Infinity War sequel.  

Secondly, Marvel films have mastered the art of anticipation through the end credit scenes. However, end credit scene for “Captain Marvel,” (2019) did not answer any questions for the audience.

Typically Marvel movies will reveal something shocking that leaves the audience to ponder. Granted, this may have been the intent to keep the anticipation of mystery for the highly anticipated sequel.

Nevertheless, Marvel fans are more than excited about the conclusion for the Avengers which may never come together cinematically again.

Almost every actor cast as an Avenger, aside from a few noteworthy individuals like Chris Hemsworth (Thor), are only on contract for one more film.

Actors like Chris Evans (Captain America) and Bradley Cooper (Rocket) have expressed their desire to conclude their respective characters but are still open to contract renegotiation.

It is likely, following the much anticipated Infinity War sequel, Marvel will seek to renegotiate contracts and keep the Marvel Cinematic Universe alive and well.

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