Taking Sound Cloud live

Comethazine's second album cover. The artist announced his third album will be coming out in the next few weeks during a concert last week at the Observatory in Santa Ana.

When the concert involves stage diving, mosh pits and even a rapper taking a selfie with the crowd on stage before the main act comes on, you know you are in for a wild night.

Rapper Comethazine headlined the show last week in the famous Observatory Orange County in Santa Ana. The venue is well known for hosting hip-hop concerts with previous artists such as Migos, Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott.

When the doors opened at 11 p.m.  the pit quickly filled with fans eager to get the best view of the performers. Opening for Comethazine were other rappers Matt Ox, Jaydayoungan and Lil Gnar.

Soon after Lil Gnar exited the stage Comethazine emerged donning a grey and black track suit to the loud pounding bass of his song “DeMAR DeROZAN” off his second album “Bawskee II.”

Comethazine challenged his audience throughout the show to match his high-energy output and they delivered.

Fans sang along throughout the show to his hits such as “Walk,” “Piped Up” and his breakout hit “Bands.”

Keeping his energy throughout the event Comethazine put on a show that was not only fun to watch due to his music, but because of his involvement with the crowd.

The rapper asked the crowd throughout the night to increase the size of the mosh pit, with one of his crew members even getting into the middle of it to widen it out themselves.

Near the end of his show Comethazine announced that he will release his third album in the upcoming weeks and despite his negative view on features, he collaborated with some star power for the album.

Ending the show with his song “Might Cop A Jag,” he brought a fantastic show to the observatory that fans — including myself — will not certainly soon forget.

The performance was only heightened with the incredible crowd at the Observatory.

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