Apex Legends Assimilation

Respawn Entertainment’s online multiplayer battle-royal style video game "Apex Legends" celebrated their one-year anniversary Tuesday night by introducing season four, "Assimilation."

The new season sees the introduction of a new legend, a new weapon as well as updates to World’s Edge, the current map.

The prolongation of season three gave the players an intense sense of urgency awaiting information about the new season over the last few months. This brought the likes of @That1MiningGuy’s talent to the surface. @That1MiningGuy is a digital miner who goes through the game’s code to bring to light to the information in works behind the scenes.

Knowing that the online community was already digging up info, the developers did brilliantly to evoke a situational irony in the build-up to season four by teasing the new legend: Forge, a semi-cybernetic Hyperfighting Federation champion. While the community worked out who Forge was, what his abilities might be, and the lore behind him, Respawn was casually working on the real legend being introduced to World’s Edge: Revenant.

Revenant, which is described by ea.com as a “synthetic nightmare” and “the greatest hitman the Mercenary Syndicate ever had,” is a sly stalker who uses his death totem allowing himself and his teammates to avoid death.

Revenant’s addition along with a subtle nerf (or weakening) of a few of the major weapons within the game surely points to the fact that Respawn is trying to change the meta of the game.

With all of these changes comes one of the most instantly noticeable — the map. World’s Edge sees some major changes with the Planet Harvester (a gigantic red beam that can be seen throughout the entire map) and the bisection of Capital City that leaves a cavernous river of lava underneath. A cold and glacial sky once hung above in the distance but now an oppressive red tint encloses the fields and cities on the map.

One of the greatest complaints coming from the community that plays "Apex Legends" was the inability to play on the map that originally launched with the game: King’s Canyon. However, King’s Canyon is set for a return in the competitive area of play known as the Ranked League.

In this season, Ranked League is set to feature two six-week splits — one for each map the game has featured.

"Apex Legends" has continued to listen to its community since its launch on Feb. 4 of last year. The free game, according to Ben Gilbert at Business Insider, brought in 25 million players within its first week and has since become a staple in the online gaming community.

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