Roach, a vocalist for the OC Hurricanes, recites Jim Morrison’s famous quote, “We want the world and we want it now,” as he gears up the crowd for a show full of energy and spunk.

Philippe Sanchez is known as Roach and is the main vocalist to the band OC Hurricanes. Four others make up the band — Eddie plays saxophone and backup vocals, Gibram “G” Chavez plays bass, Jesus Salas shreds on the keyboard and Alex “little man” Marcial beats away on the drums.

The OC Hurricanes first caused a whirlwind back in 2012 during a battle of the bands. Their first debut as a band resulted in a night full of encores, laughs and the start to a movement they didn’t even know they would be a part of.

Two weeks after they had played at the battle of the bands they were signed to Wild Records, a record label originating in Los Angeles.

“Music is my life purpose,” Roach said. “We all have a life purpose we just need the key to unlocking it.”

The Hurricanes spent some time playing around with their image and sound, originating from rockabilly influences and settling into what they call “Maximo Chicano R&B.” They gather inspiration from bands such as The Who, The Doors, The Beatles and intertwine their influence into their lyrics and the atmosphere of their shows.

Many recognize the emblem of the Hurricanes when they come across it, a target logo in green, white and red.

Heavily inspired by The Who and the mod movement, which consisted primarily of people who declared themselves to be of the working class. They decided to place the logo on a pin, and they wear it as Chicano pride as they play their shows and walk the streets of Santa Ana.

As years passed their meaning for the logo changed. It no longer represents Chicano pride yet pride for anyone who has understood struggle and continues to progress on their life path.

Roach credits Orange Coast College for some his success.

“If it wasn’t for Orange Coast College, I wouldn’t be where I am now,” Roach said.

He said he decided to attend college and took a counseling course looking for direction in his life, and it steered him to where he is today.

After going to lecture a few times he came to the simple realization that his career couldn’t be gained through a degree yet by putting in all his energy and love into his passion of music and making a living out of it. The one thing he knew for certain about school was that he didn’t want to go back.

“I just want to make people happy,” Roach said. “Allow for people to connect with one another and create that space.”

Step into one of their concerts and you’re overwhelmed with excitement from their energy. One strum of the guitar, and the whole crowd starts to flail their arms with euphoria and kick their legs up into the air.

Once Jesus shreds on the keyboard and starts to surf the crowd, everyone gets wild. The smooth notes that Eddie creates on the saxophone leaves everyone wide eyed and in awe. Every note played has a purpose and is intricately intertwined to create an experience.

With music being a universal language, as a band the Hurricanes are finding ways to progress and experiment with new sounds. Eddie, the saxophone player, is one of the newest additions to the band and has been allowing for the original Hurricanes to expand their boundaries and take risks with new sounds.

“My biggest dream for the band is to play at the Yost Theatre,” Roach said. “One day we’ll be the headliners there.”

The band has already played at The Observatory, The Chain Reaction, the music festival Tropicalia, and many more. Roach’s said he just received a call from the Yost in Santa Ana asking them to perform a show at the venue.

“We’re the OC Hurricanes and we’re from right down the street in Santa Ana,” is how they start every show they play.

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