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A chalk drawing at Orange Coast College today directed those who are “feeling the Bern” to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt) in California’s upcoming Democratic presidential primary.

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Orange Coast College film department alumnus Hau Nguyen is a finalist in the 20th annual Fine Cut Festival of Films contest for his documentary about OCC’s Food Riders club called “The Food Riders,” airing Wednesday night on KCET at 9 p.m.


The room was decorated with vibrantly colored papel picado, flowers, candles, photographs, and pastries. The students and faculty, including Orange Coast College’s president, Angelica Suarez, filled the room eagerly awaiting the arrival of the guest of honor.


Students at Orange Coast College have been encountering vending machine problems like broken credit card scanners, their cash being swallowed, mechanisms jamming and operator errors.

“How do you feel about the deaths and illnesses linked to vaping?”

“How do you feel about the deaths and illnesses linked to vaping?”

Francisco Romero
19, film

“I feel like everything is good with limits. So, I’m not against vapes and the e-cigarettes.”

Patricia Zelensky
18, psychology

“A lot of them are from people that have been vaping for so long and getting the wrong type of vape stuff.”

Haolin Zhang
18, computer science

“I think advertisements say ‘This will be cool. If you smoke you will look so cool.’ But it’s just lying.”

Salma Sanders
18, medical sonography

“It’s great we’re talking about it, but we shouldn’t just blame the Juul-ing and the vaping.”

Patrick Jackson
18, graphic design

“I’m not scared of the lung-illness because I feel like a lot of people are doing the vaping and what is it like 8 deaths?”

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The months-long pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong might be 7,200 miles away from Orange Coast College, but for two students on campus the unrest is close to home.


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Preparing her pointe shoes, putting her ballerina bun up and high, and putting on an iconic body suit are all things that came to an end when Wendy Whelan retired from the New York City Ballet five years ago.


Take a step inside the Astronomy House, located between the Mathematics department and the Science Lecture Hall, to see why this space is one small step worth the visit.


    Coast Report staffers got a sneak peek at the new Orange Coast College Planetarium, slated to open in March. The facility is a state-of-the-art building that boasts a 125-seat auditorium for celestial shows, a Foucault pendulum, interactive learning screens and a gift shop that will sell T-s…