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  • Feli Pliego, Staff Writer
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For about one-tenth of the price of average studio training, Orange Coast College offers yoga teacher training and certification that can be completed in one semester.


From the decomposition of bodies in California’s wetlands, to the cause and effect of the alt-right’s rising tide, a vast and eclectic collection of students’ studies will culminate on April 13 for Orange Coast College’s second annual Giles T. Brown Student Project and Research Symposium.


Orange Coast College’s inaugural Alcohol Awareness Fair, where students could learn about safe drinking practices, was hosted Wednesday at the Main Quad.

“Who is your favorite woman in history?”

“Who is your favorite woman in history?”

Rachel Del Valle
19, military science

“Lady Gaga because she’s independent and doesn’t care what people think.”

Alyssa Wiesen
18, film

“My mom because she’s awesome. She always knows the right answer to everything.”

Noah Captain
20, film

“Rosa Parks because she was the main start of the civil rights movement.”

Brooke Derache
18, undecided

“Michelle Obama. She’s a good role model and teaches young women great things.”

Rana Ghiassi
25, film

“Helen Keller because she did the impossible.”


Orange County officials agreed on Saturday during a federal court hearing led by U.S. District Judge David O. Carter to extend motel stays on a case-by-case basis for homeless people who were evicted from the Santa Ana River trail last month.

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On Saturday I attended the 26th annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Museum in Los Angeles, where costumes from Oscar-nominated films are on display. Wanting to be in the movie industry and hearing that Dunkirk costumes woul…

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