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They are often overlooked — the guys in the green carts who traverse the campus every day, keeping it clean, fresh and ready for students to gather.


A serious scare of a measles outbreak in Los Angeles is underway and reports show there are 14 cases in the area, although none at Orange Coast College.


To meet the growing needs of campus life, Orange Coast College’s current hit-or-miss surveillance system is set to receive major upgrades as the campus expands.

“Why do you think people should or should not be vaccinated?”

“Why do you think people should or should not be vaccinated?”

Sam Kimme
19, mechanical engineering

“I think people definitely should be. Some kids get vaccinated without their parents because they know they should.”

Kat Makarov
22, marketing

“People should be vaccinated because unless 95 percent of the population is vaccinated diseases can return.”

Leo Gonzalez
19, mechanical engineering

“In my personal opinion, I’m going to get vaccinated, but it’s not my place to decide for other people.”

Marisol Reyes
23, architecture

“I think they should because the school wants us to be active and be around people and the expectation is to be healthy.”

Duy Do
19, economics

“I think people should get vaccinated, just in case, just to be immune.”

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Most colleges do not have an oasis in the middle of campus, but at Orange Coast College, students can find gurgling fountains, trees that give glorious shade, and flowers releasing sweet fragrance into the air. There is grass to sit in, benches to read a book on and tables to eat lunch at.


Orange Coast College’s baseball team will make its return to Fresno and to the Final Four contest after head coach John Altobelli’s 700th and 701st win as a coach, sweeping eighth seed Mt. San Antonio over the weekend.

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Take a step inside the Astronomy House, located between the Mathematics department and the Science Lecture Hall, to see why this space is one small step worth the visit.


    Coast Report staffers got a sneak peek at the new Orange Coast College Planetarium, slated to open in March. The facility is a state-of-the-art building that boasts a 125-seat auditorium for celestial shows, a Foucault pendulum, interactive learning screens and a gift shop that will sell T-s…