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Orange Coast College’s Starbucks will be closed for the summer as it undergoes an estimated $300,000 renovation mandated by the company.


“What do you think of celebrities running for office?”

“What do you think of celebrities running for office?”

Jason Crane
23, film

“It’s a little out there because they already have a reputation. They’ll treat the presidency like a reality TV show.”

Claire Taylor
20, political science

“Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest Republican presidents and he was an actor.”

Roshni Polé
20, behavioral neuroscience

“It’s a free country and people can run if they want to. They have the right.”

Ayeisha Garbutt
23, anthropology

“I don’t think that’s a good idea because they’re not politicians. We need to separate politics from popularity.”

Nicholas Sauter
24, construction and business

“I don’t like actors and I really don’t like politics.They know how to manipulate and play roles.”


Separate from traditional semester course offerings, there’s a whole other world of enrichment available to Orange Coast College’s surrounding community.

Arts + Culture

Anyone interested in catching Orange Coast College’s annual creative arts exhibition Mass Appeal in the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion better get going. The exhibit, featuring sculptures, paintings and jewelry created by students across campus closes today.

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The Orange Coast College baseball team will host El Camino College in the 2018 Southern California Sectional playoffs this weekend at Wendell Pickens Field over the weekend, with a berth in the State Final Four on the line for both teams.