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Despite the closure of the Orange Coast College campus for fall classes and its transition to primarily online learning, the new on-campus housing development scheduled to open in the fall is apparently holding students to their leases even though many say they can no longer afford it.





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It was sometime last fall that Orange Coast College’s new president Angelica Suarez was touring Wendell Pickens Field hoping to meet the head baseball coach John Altobelli.

“How can students avoid the coronavirus?”

“How can students avoid the coronavirus?”

Cindy Matuch
21, marine science

“I feel like if the situation gets worse, then they should close campus to prevent it from spreading.”

Jessica Sanchez
19, history

“Don’t travel without taking precautionary measures.”

Justin Owens
23, kinesiology

“Wash your hands — that’s the biggest thing. Wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, and if you don’t feel well, stay home.”

Michelle Islas
20, psychology

“I would say to try and be as clean as possible and carry hand sanitizer.”

Simon Tate
23, kinesiology

“It’s really spread through person to person contact, so continue to wash your hands and be sanitary.”

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