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The Harry and Grace Steele Children’s Center at Orange Coast College welcomed the arrival of a tortoise hatchling on Sept. 17 and since then five more baby tortoises have joined the family — including their parents, Rocky and Georgia.

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The Student Government of Orange Coast College has another vacancy students can apply to fill.


After seeing a need for affordable housing on or near campus, administrators at Orange Coast College hoped to meet that need by bringing student housing to OCC.


Students at Orange Coast College have been encountering vending machine problems like broken credit card scanners, their cash being swallowed, mechanisms jamming and operator errors.

“What is your favorite place on campus to eat?”

“What is your favorite place on campus to eat?”

Richard Belles
23, undecided

“The cafeteria is pretty much the only spot I’ve gone to multiple times. Oh. Actually Starbucks is the go-to.”

Corrie Fitzpatrick
18, graphic design

“Usually I just eat at the vending machine.”

Carlos Araujo
23, business administration

“I eat at the Fooda tent. It’s a different variety each day so you can try something new. Before that is was the Snack Shack.”

Noel Hosmillo
21, business administration

“Probably the cafeteria. But I just go to McDonald’s drive through and eat it in my car.”

Madison Quezada
21, animal science

“Oh. Starbucks. It’s the go-to.”

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WalletHub recently released a list of the most vegan and vegetarian-friendly cities in the country and Orange County got a spot near the top with Anaheim ranking No. 12.


Along with professional athletes being the strongest, fastest, and fittest in their careers comes injuries that are frequent and severe but the punishments don’t always fit the crime.

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Take a step inside the Astronomy House, located between the Mathematics department and the Science Lecture Hall, to see why this space is one small step worth the visit.


    Coast Report staffers got a sneak peek at the new Orange Coast College Planetarium, slated to open in March. The facility is a state-of-the-art building that boasts a 125-seat auditorium for celestial shows, a Foucault pendulum, interactive learning screens and a gift shop that will sell T-s…